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» Dumped

Its not you its me, we want different reaction,"you don't have anyone else, i don't have anyone else lets be friends and have sex..." Can't believe it worked but it did! Bought me sexy times for two months!
(Thu 3rd Jan 2013, 20:35, More)

» No Self-Awareness

Way back under the Thatcher regime i had the misfortune of being on a "scheme" ,basically a shelter set up to shelter the unemployable, massage the dole figures and milk cash out of the tax payer. As you can imagine. it attracted an eclectic mix of people, and as i took cover on it for quite at time met a lot of them. One was notable above others as she had the power to clear the building at precisely ten o'clock every day.
She was called a rather sweet name of a bird of prey and from gypsy stock she lived with her gnome like brother in a big council house. Both had a rather ripe body odor. Both displayed the sort of wide eyed innocence that let them get away with murder, but i really think neither really understood what the world wanted or required of them to fit in. They complained of the water not working at home and the scheme supervisor arranged for the council to go round to fix it. They found all the floor boards and doors had disappeared,burnt on the fire. "we were cold" was the innocent reaction when quizzed. they got new floor boards and doors which they steadily worked their way through the next winter. The water had not so much stopped flowing as become unreachable when the stairs got burnt, so access to the upstairs loo became impossible. And that lead to the ten o'clock "happening" at the schemes center. She was about 55 and unable to read or write she attended every day and at ten she would excuse herself and retire to the only took one ten o'clock experience to make you evacuate the room as the incredible stench meandered out the door and round the room. God knows what they eat but maggoty roadkill pan fried in sweat and sewage was a guess...Any one who has ever replaced a toilet pan will remember the feeling that you have opened the gates of sewage hell well multiply that by ten.
(Sat 1st Dec 2012, 21:18, More)

» Sorry

I'm sorry to my games teacher he died from a brain tumor, and we cheered, i'm so sorry you didn't die sooner, bastard.
(Thu 17th Jan 2013, 16:32, More)

» Driven to Madness

Married for too many years to remember (in fact i'm terrible with dates and anniversary's so i don't know anyway) the wife always leaves the tops of things. Toothpaste is normal (ish) but marmite, jam, and opened tins (put in the fridge to go moldy)the kitchen is regularly littered with things open to the air. I grind my teeth and go up stairs to the bathroom to find the mouthwash open. In fact i think its getting worse spreading to not closing draws and cupboards, i regularly bark my shins on half pulled out draws. ...
(Thu 4th Oct 2012, 21:37, More)