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I kind of want a 'cruiser' style bicycle.
This would do:
(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 20:47, archived)
How many gears does your faulty url have?

(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 21:51, archived)
I just clicked it and it worked.

Anyhow the answer is 3. Which is 2 more than my current bike.
(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 22:02, archived)
Sturmey Archer?

(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 22:18, archived)
It's shimano, but sealed hub like the traditional Sturmey Archer gears.
I stuck a SA freewheel on my current bike as the freewheel was going and started to slip, causing me to fall off the fucker while trying to stand up and pedal outside work.
(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 22:30, archived)
Er, assuming freewheels work the same way as freehubs then if the pawls have seen better days you'd lose the ability to freewheel, ie the cranks would intermittently be turned along with the rear wheel.
Sure it's not a badly worn chain/ chainring/ sprocket?
(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 22:49, archived)
Because the freewheel is on the side of the hub they can get full of shit and the pawls can fail to extend properly.
I'm sure it was the freewheel as it only did it when re-engaging (and pedalling backwards made it worse) and it could slip upto half a turn of the crank, rather than just the chain jumping.
(, Tue 13 Feb 2018, 23:05, archived)