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This is a question Top Tips

Got a great tip? Share it with us. You know, stuff like "Prevent sneezing by pressing you index finger firmly between your nose and your upper lip."

(, Wed 29 Nov 2006, 16:33)
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Baby please don't go.

(, Wed 17 Dec 2014, 14:04, Reply)
Don't go.

(, Wed 17 Dec 2014, 11:24, Reply)
Don't go chasing waterfalls.

(, Tue 16 Dec 2014, 12:52, Reply)
Just get your cock out
you will be surprised at what happens.
(, Tue 16 Dec 2014, 9:59, Reply)
Raise the roof, because it's all on fire.

(, Fri 12 Dec 2014, 15:07, Reply)
You got to freshen up, freshen up for the ladies

(, Thu 11 Dec 2014, 19:29, Reply)
Don't keep your anus next to the deep muscle,
or something
(, Wed 10 Dec 2014, 14:13, Reply)
Don't keep
your Anusol next to the Deep Heat muscle rub.
(, Fri 5 Dec 2014, 12:29, 3 replies, latest was 2 days ago)
If your wife/girlfriend
asks if you fancy a 3-bird roast for Christmas, don't get your hopes up.
(, Fri 5 Dec 2014, 12:28, 1 reply, 1 week ago)
Get carbon-neutral status by
burning a tyre every time you plant a tree.
(, Fri 5 Dec 2014, 12:26, Reply)
Be more efficient at work
by drinking in the morning fag break rather than lunch, saving valuable minutes/hours/days
(, Thu 4 Dec 2014, 12:10, Reply)
Have you got a female boss?
Spray your bollocks grey and place them on her desk, whacking them in front of her. This 'Newton's cradle' will definetely get you a pay rise in these frugal economic times.
(, Thu 4 Dec 2014, 12:08, Reply)
instead of going to work all week and spending 2/5 of your pay on the weekend,
take tuesday and wednesday off, and then relax on the weekend
(, Thu 4 Dec 2014, 8:09, Reply)
Middle aged men...
...Make people think that you've just been to the toilet, by using a cotton bud to dab a drop or water onto the front of your trousers...
(, Thu 4 Dec 2014, 0:37, Reply)
Delight your neighbours by turning your house into a giant advent calendar. Paint your windows black with white numbers on and hide festive pictures behind each one.
Then each day your neighbours can throw a brick through the corresponding window to reveal the picture.
(, Wed 3 Dec 2014, 18:24, Reply)
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
It may have been given dry oats, or required to exercise vigorously without water, therefore making it irritable and likely to bite your face.
(, Wed 3 Dec 2014, 13:11, Reply)
You can lead a horse to water
but if you want to make it drink you need to feed it dry oats for several hours beforehand, or give him a good workout. Simple really.
(, Tue 2 Dec 2014, 10:18, Reply)
If you insist on
hearing something straight from the horse's mouth - don't bother unless you can speak horse
(, Sun 30 Nov 2014, 14:08, 1 reply, 2 weeks ago)
looking for a lost item after you've found it - then it won't be in the last place you look.
(, Sun 30 Nov 2014, 14:03, Reply)
Get carbon-neutral status by
connecting your wanking arm to a dynamo that powers your smartphone when watching porn on it.
(, Sun 23 Nov 2014, 16:18, Reply)
If you get caught outside your female neighbours house in possession of a pair of binoculars,
Simply explain you are merely checking if she is using Aunt Bessies roast potatoes or Yorkshire puddings.
To make it more convincing, do it wearing womens clothes.
Old womans clothes...
(, Sat 22 Nov 2014, 1:17, Reply)
Look really manly and have the ladies love you,
by growing a beard and then wearing leggings.
(, Tue 18 Nov 2014, 12:08, 2 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
Can't afford expensive Chinese luxuries like Birds Nest Soup?
Instead of milk, pour hot water onto your Shredded Wheat.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2014, 20:35, 1 reply, 1 week ago)
Should a gypsy granny turn up on your doorstep trying to sell you wooden clothes pegs
smack her around the face with your tumble dryer as some sort of subtle hint about the merits of the mechanisation of laundry.
(, Wed 12 Nov 2014, 3:08, 1 reply, 5 weeks ago)
If you can't remember what the skies were like when you were young:
Try visiting Watford, Watford, Watford.
(, Mon 10 Nov 2014, 13:16, Reply)
My top tip is to
top up your tip top tap with tip top.
(, Thu 6 Nov 2014, 18:34, Reply)
Having trouble getting decent coverage out of your emulsion?
Put some dogshit in it.

I can cover about 47 sqm of my hall carpet with about 50g of the stuff, using a shoe, so a good alsation sized turd will easily stretch to a 3 bedroom house.
(, Wed 29 Oct 2014, 17:22, Reply)
Having trouble getting decent coverage out of your emulsion?
Simply cry like a toddler at the miserable futility of it all you fucking clown
(, Wed 29 Oct 2014, 10:36, Reply)
Work stress? Sexual frustration? Carrying the weight of the world on you shoulders?
The low cost and hassle free solution is to kill your wife and children and then hang yourself.
(, Tue 28 Oct 2014, 22:10, Reply)
Accroches-toi a ton reve.

(, Sun 19 Oct 2014, 17:57, 2 replies, latest was 2 months ago)

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