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This is a question Question of the Week suggestions

Each week we ask a question. The idea is to generate material that's:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

What would you like to ask? (We've left this question open - so feel free to drop in ideas anytime.)

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:01)
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Make up a story explaining why a newsletter hasn't been published in months.
Or just pick this and everyone call the people responsible lazy fat dog molestering cunts.
(, Mon 15 Sep 2014, 18:36, Reply)
award winning playwright Michael Starr

(, Thu 11 Sep 2014, 6:07, 1 reply, 5 days ago)
Do you have OCD, do you know someone with OCD? I have to put three semicolons at the end of each post.. what do you do? ;;;
(, Wed 10 Sep 2014, 20:00, Reply)
Pointless fears, peeves and loathings
What thing/s do you know full well is/are tiny and pointless - but still make you rant like a mong brushing his teeth or cower like a little girl backstage on the jimmy savile show?
(, Wed 10 Sep 2014, 15:41, 1 reply, 1 week ago)

(, Tue 9 Sep 2014, 18:44, Reply)
do that.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2014, 14:40, Reply)
Who Do You Think Is The Biggest Cunt On B3ta And Why
Provide boring tedious details, and have a fucking good old slag each other off fest, 'coz then we can all have a good old circlewank about it, and bring up old quotes and screenshots and accuse each other of being sockpuppets then get all shitty and bang on. Can even use old in jokes, and have a big old barney, then drag out sockpuppets to support / deny whatever it was that we were banging on about.

Like any other QOTW to be honest, but Officially Sanctioned.
(, Fri 5 Sep 2014, 11:05, 3 replies, latest was 2 weeks ago)
What was the last thing my mum did for you, and how much did she charge?

(, Wed 3 Sep 2014, 22:18, 3 replies, latest was 2 weeks ago)
World War III is coming
Most of us will be conscripted into service. Are you looking forward to it? Have you ever done any military service and have any good stories? Failing that, some of your grandad's war tales?
(, Wed 3 Sep 2014, 20:24, 1 reply, 3 weeks ago)
Where would you like to go on holiday and how would you prove that you were there?

(, Wed 3 Sep 2014, 14:30, 1 reply, 3 weeks ago)
Who do you love and why?
Get really loved up. It can be anyone from here or in real life. Just put that love in so hard that they cry through their penis or gush from their strange.
(, Wed 3 Sep 2014, 8:26, Reply)
What's your most amazing coincidence?
One evening myself and my wife decided to drive to visit for the first time a "famous" pub just outside Buxton, even though it was 45 miles from home. We walked in to be greeted by my wife's best friend, who'd decided, on a whim, to drive to visit for the first time the same "famous" pub just outside Buxton, even though it 45 miles from home - in the opposition direction to us.

What's your most face-slapping coincidence?
(, Tue 2 Sep 2014, 23:13, 6 replies, latest was 3 weeks ago)
Who do you hate and why?
Get really stuck in. It can be anyone from here or in real life. Just put that boot in so hard they cry blood.
(, Tue 2 Sep 2014, 8:35, 5 replies, latest was 3 weeks ago)
If there was a Eurovision Mong Contest...
Who would you nominate to represent each country??
(, Mon 1 Sep 2014, 15:23, Reply)
u ok hun?

(, Fri 29 Aug 2014, 19:07, 4 replies, latest was 3 weeks ago)
my niece has been begging for a hamster (pointless little shit*) for years. she has finally been allowed to get one for her birthday. her grandfather was horrified when she announced that it would be called "nipples". in fact, she'd said "nibbles". what have you misheard or misunderstood, with truly hilarious consequences?

* the hamster, not the niece
(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 12:01, 8 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
What's you favourite part of b3ta? I like BAFR best.

(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 8:33, Reply)
tell us about that time

(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 8:26, 2 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
Things you did as a kid
that you cannot remember but have been reminded about all your life by the insufferable cunts that brought you up.
(, Wed 27 Aug 2014, 16:04, 1 reply, 4 weeks ago)
If you could be responsible for
creating a famous piece of art, be it music, film, painting, photography etc. what would it be and why?
(, Tue 26 Aug 2014, 15:09, 1 reply, 4 weeks ago)
Where do you see yourself in five years time?

(, Mon 25 Aug 2014, 16:31, 1 reply, 4 weeks ago)
dogs in tights

(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 14:23, Reply)
Have you ever lied on your CV?

(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 13:48, Reply)
How would you sum up b3ta?

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 16:35, 9 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
Tales of trying to get around for free
(, Sun 17 Aug 2014, 11:54, Reply)
What would you rather?
I've just heard the hardest 'what would you rather' question ever, and I'd either like to hear your answer, and your justification, or a harder question to answer... so here goes.

(If you're a woman, just swap mum/girlfriend for dad/boyfriend)

You're mum and your girlfriend have had their brains and voices swapped, so although it looks like your mum, it's actually your girlfriend (and vice versa).

In order to fix this problem, you have to sleep with one of them. Which one would it be?
(, Sat 16 Aug 2014, 13:46, 4 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
If you were going to kill yourself, how would you do it?
Just hypothetically, like?
(, Fri 15 Aug 2014, 5:44, 3 replies, latest was 5 weeks ago)
Cougars II.
Tell us the heartwarming tale of how you totally got off with someone way younger than you in an entirely non-creepy fashion.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2014, 19:44, 1 reply, 6 weeks ago)
You screamed "Give us liberty or give us death!" - now you've got both, what do you want next?

(, Wed 13 Aug 2014, 13:13, 1 reply, 6 weeks ago)
Are you on holiday right now?
Why not spoil it by spending the whole trip liveblogging the experience on b3ta?
Or maybe you hate your friends and/or family and prefer to be called a prick by strangers on the internet.
Either way, everyone's a winner.
Or not a winner, that other thing.
(, Sun 10 Aug 2014, 15:07, Reply)

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