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This is a question Now, there was no need for that...

Tell us about the times when an already difficult situation has been made worse for no good reason. Pollollups writes, "As if being given a muscle relaxant and trapped in an MRI tube wasn't bad enough: whilst thus immobilised, they played me Dido."

(, Thu 16 Jun 2005, 7:46)
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Never been much of a team player
But when our school started doing rugby, I found I quite enjoyed it and got picked for the team.

Fast forward to our first inter-school match and there's this huge fat bloke with the ball barraling down the pitch towards me. I know by body weight isn't going to stop him with a body tackle, so I dive for his legs in an attempt to trip him up.

Remember, this is rugby, like American Football but without all the nancy padding.

The tackle worked, but as he fell, he landed with his full fat-bloke weight on his knee on MY COLLARBONE and snapped it like a twig.

At this point though, I'm all hyped up on adrenaline and don't realise what's happened but after a few minutes, the pain in my shoulder gets the better of me and I wander off the pitch towards the school.

The deputy head of the school is also the designated first aider (no school nurse in a rural school of 200 pupils in 1981).
He decides that my shoulder is dislocated, grabs my arm and yanks it hard.
This treatment completes the break, totaly seperating the bone into two pieces.
There really was no need for that.

I passed out, but not before screaming and calling my Deputy Headmaster a 'fucking wally'.
Strangely, he never mentioned the incident...
(, Mon 20 Jun 2005, 3:02, closed)

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