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This is a question Lego

Battered wonders, "What amazing stuff have you got up to with Lego?" Or just tell us about the time you got a Lego brick stuck up your privates.

All people referring to 'Legos' will be shot at down. Or dawn. Your choice.

(, Thu 24 Oct 2013, 15:13)
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Somewhat put off by the cost of real dolls
I decided that I would construct one from Lego. I used faint white bricks for the body and face, yellow bricks for the hair and red bricks for the inner parts and nipples. She really was a sight to behold, although the lack of bricks meant she was only four feet tall.

Having watched Pinocchio during the project for inspiration, that night I wished on a shooting star that she would come to life. She did, but at a price. She was effectively a sex toy made from Lego and was into some rather strange things. Eventually she decided that a different lifestyle was in order and used the Lego that I had created her breasts with to create herself a penis and balls.

He also found a group of other small people who shared similar lifestyle interests, took up archery and would often head out for weeks at a time, expressing his intentions of "having his ring destroyed" to me.

I really do regret building that Lego lass.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 16:36, closed)
Now, seriously, Munsta - and I think I speak for everyone here -
Fuck off.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 16:42, closed)
You wouldn't say that if I was naked and covered in butter.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 16:45, closed)
See ... this is why your real parents sold you to the gypsies.

(, Sat 26 Oct 2013, 12:43, closed)
The funniest part about the situation
is that the gypsies thought that they were getting a good deal.
(, Wed 30 Oct 2013, 16:36, closed)
Oh yes!
Pithy, multi-layered, relevant, funny and rather deviant!

Well done sir!
(, Sat 26 Oct 2013, 17:32, closed)
Tickle her balls while you're down there.

(, Sat 26 Oct 2013, 19:13, closed)

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