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This is a question Lego

Battered wonders, "What amazing stuff have you got up to with Lego?" Or just tell us about the time you got a Lego brick stuck up your privates.

All people referring to 'Legos' will be shot at down. Or dawn. Your choice.

(, Thu 24 Oct 2013, 15:13)
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I once built a Lego cable car.
I used fishing wire, attached to a technics based pulley system in my bedroom on the third floor of my rents house, and the bird table at the bottom of the garden. It was about 20 metres long in all.

I was about to build a second, in order to re-enact a certain scene from 'Where Eagles Dare' (most of my creations were based on the film i'd just watched) but our elderly gardener Mr Milton pottered into the existing line and nearly garroted himself.

So that was that.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 15:28, closed)
ooh lah dee dah, get you with your "third floor" and your "bird table"

(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 15:39, closed)
It's all lies.
Real toffs get their butler to build Lego for them.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 15:41, closed)
They typically have gardens that are longer than a short fart too.

(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 16:00, closed)
are farts measured in metres? I thought it was swimming pools

(, Mon 28 Oct 2013, 14:16, closed)
People who say 'rents' die alone in a fire.

(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 15:54, closed)
oh. oh dear.
i hasten to add, the gardener came for two hours a week. he wasnt live in or anything, nothing like downton.
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 15:58, closed)

Broadsword calling Danny Boy
(, Fri 25 Oct 2013, 20:21, closed)
Come in Danny Boy

(, Sun 27 Oct 2013, 21:28, closed)
father McCready here
all sins forgiven
(, Mon 28 Oct 2013, 16:57, closed)

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