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This is a question Child Labour

There is a special part of Hell I'd like to reserve for those arses that order every single Sunday paper. Do you know how heavy that makes the bundle of papers some poor kid (ie me) has to lug around? Funny how your papers always seemed to get mangled in your letterbox...

I loved my paper round, but, looking back, I was getting paid peanuts to ruin my back and cycle around in the cold and dark. How were you exploited as a child?

(, Fri 17 Feb 2006, 12:05)
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Pikey Cunt
My cousin used to work on a milkround when he was a young-un (around 14) and I was around 3 years younger. I had guessed it didn't pay very much and involved getting up at around 4 every morning. So he jacked it in.

It wasn't until the next week, when I stayed at his for a few days, that I actually found out why he stopped working on the milk-rounds.

He prodded me awake on the Thursday morning at 3, told me to get dressed... then handed me a black balaclava. Once attired, he walked me around his old milk round. Casually walking up to doorways he used to deliver to - then come back to the street.

It turns out that Thursday was the day when people left their payment out on the doorstep for the milkman to pick up - and THAT payed more than the job itself.

That cousin was/is a cunt, and I don't speak to him today.
(, Fri 17 Feb 2006, 18:10, closed)

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