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This is a link post Geocities GIF Bot I made this!
Made a bot that picks random gifs off Geocities and posts them on Twitter.
(, Wed 23 May 2018, 10:35, More)
This is a link post Goths
South Park done it good
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 22:17, More)
This is a link post Cassette tape simulator
Click the Eject button to upload your music file
(, Wed 23 May 2018, 8:57, More)
This is a link post Royal Wedding - Bad Lip Reading version

(, Wed 23 May 2018, 2:33, More)
This is a link post Improve The Keytar! Improve The Keytar! I made this!
If you haven't got it from the title, there may be no hope. But still, I'm improving a keytar.
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 21:58, More)
This is a link post How to use the dial telephone

A lovely 1927 information film from AT&T. I miss dialling numbers
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 23:32, More)
This is a link post Because Orbital...
and its new and I can just imagine Cyriak doing animation to this, but I really liked the video. A lot.Oh; and thanks to the person who posted the Alestorm link the other day - that was ace. And yes, I'm a bit eclectic in my tastes
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 22:12, More)
This is a link post Dutch windmill designs and a bit of history of windmills on the polders
Nice read and there are some illustrations further down the page.
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 11:51, More)
This is a link post Did someone say Goth day?
Happy happy happy =)

Oh wait, I am shit at this.
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 18:07, More)
This is a link post Prairie dogs, crows, pigeons having lunch - Gallup, New Mexico
Music suggests this is sinister
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 11:37, More)
This is a link post True Facts : Ant Mutualism

(, Tue 22 May 2018, 10:31, More)
This is a link post Flopstarter
A place to crowd fund really bad ideas.
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 11:58, More)
This is a link post Finger Machines
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 2:18, More)
This is a link post No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckiní Hedge Cut
HMHB have a new album out.

He's got nothing you'd want to borrow
a mastiff in the back running loose
he's a man of constant sorrow
with a garage in constant use
(, Tue 22 May 2018, 0:17, More)
This is a link post Northern Rail

(, Mon 21 May 2018, 17:10, More)
This is a link post American Assassin Redux I made this!
A few weeks ago, I got involved with The Redux Project. It's the vision of one guy, Richard DeDomenici, with the goal of visiting various publicly accessible film sites, and recreating scenes shot-for-shot on a shoestring budget.

My marmite hometown of Croydon has been the setting for various Hollywood blockbusters, including The Dark Knight Rises, Criminal, 28 Days Later (not much dressing required), and American Assassin. It was the latter that was chosen to be the focus for this redux.

Standing around St George's Walk for five hours might not seem like anyone's idea of fun, but it was actually a great experience, and the result is fantastic. I'd recommend everyone to keep an eye on the project and get involved if one crops up near you.

Top frame is the actual scene, bottom is our recreation.

More info at

Fun fact: An episode of Black Mirror was scheduled to be filmed in the exact same place a few days later, and some of the set had already been constructed, hence the 80s style WH Smiths shopfront.
(, Mon 21 May 2018, 16:35, More)
This is a link post I am the man, the very fat man, who waters the workers' beer!
I was getting jiggy with my other half, some years ago but we'd left the radio on in the background - think it may have been BBC6. When this came on we kind of lost the mood and gave up in fits of giggles.

It didn't make US terribly queer!
(, Mon 21 May 2018, 13:46, More)
This is a link post Chris Morris - On The Hour - Satanic Messages in Pop Music

(, Mon 21 May 2018, 15:02, More)
This is a link post Downgrade to a Hug I made this!
Please enjoy this sketch I made. Hugging's such a minefield.
(, Mon 21 May 2018, 11:54, More)
This is a link post Sexual Chocolate.......................

(, Mon 21 May 2018, 12:39, More)

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