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Make some new election posters for the Conservative party. Bonus points for printing them off and sticking them up in public, like the internet anarchists you are.
(, Wed 24 May, 14:12, More)
# My City

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On Monday night I traveled by tram into Manchester for a training session. On the tram were quite a few families with children and teenagers excited to be going to see something. My training finished ahead of the 9:30pm scheduled time and I headed to Victoria station and caught my tram home and went to bed. At 3am I was awoken by the sound of the landline and had a brief conversation with a clearly distraught Wife phoning from Ukraine where she was working, sounding utterly relieved to hear my voice.
That was when I found out about the bombing.
Whoever did this not only has no compassion or humanity, but clearly knows nothing about the people of this great city. We will grieve - yes, but we are Mancunians and we do not give in to terrorism!

After, I found this old bad bit of photoshopping I made. In Australia linen products are generally known as 'Manchester', presumably due to when shipments originally arrived many years ago they were simply labelled with a place of origin. I love this city and this event coming so close after the fire at my own workplace beside the Christie has made me far more emotional than I would have expected. Love and peace. Sleekloon
(, Wed 24 May, 11:15, More)
[challenge entry] Strange and Stale Leadership
(, Wed 24 May, 15:46, More)
(, Wed 24 May, 11:36, More)
# Meanwhile, in Vatican City.
(, Wed 24 May, 14:33, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Wed 24 May, 16:34, More)
[challenge entry] Maygo! May GO! GO!!!
(, Wed 24 May, 15:11, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Tue 23 May, 13:14, More)
[challenge entry] RIP Sir Rog, you handsome bastard
(, Tue 23 May, 23:43, More)
# have a slightly more respectful one
(, Tue 23 May, 15:44, More)
# White Spherical Object Swap
(, Tue 23 May, 20:20, More)
[challenge entry] Hope I'm not over-reacting
(, Tue 23 May, 18:08, More)
[challenge entry] madness
(, Mon 22 May, 16:45, More)
# The orgasmatrump!
(, Tue 23 May, 7:26, More)
# If you know any knobheads, please feel free to share it with them.

Fuck today and fuck all terrorist fuckers.
(, Tue 23 May, 15:13, More)
[challenge entry] The man with the golden gone
(, Tue 23 May, 14:48, More)

Also: a bottom.
(, Mon 22 May, 10:46, More)
[challenge entry] "Just roll with it, Donny. Try to keep your fingers out of his eyes."
(, Mon 22 May, 16:02, More)
[challenge entry] I'll just add this here
(, Mon 22 May, 14:11, More)
[challenge entry] "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling 18-24 year olds!"
(, Mon 22 May, 16:29, More)

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