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# The night before President Curry's inauguration
* scene interior of the President's bed chamber, and silk screen hangs over the bed, the President is shown in silhouette. There's a knock on the door, and silhouette of Melania Trump joins him on his bed.

Melania: Oh Donald, I'm so scared. Tim Curry will president tomorrow, and I'm afraid he might use his gay bomb on the good Christians of America.

Donald: Oh Melania, it's alright. I'll protect you and all the other God-fearing White Americans.

Melania: Oh Donald.

Donald leans forward and hugs Melania. They start to kiss passionately, when Donal accidentally knocks a wig off Melania.

Donald: Wait, what's this?

Cue Tim Curry's laughter.
(, Mon 27 Mar, 4:36, More)
# The truth is out there
(, Sun 26 Mar, 18:30, More)
# i'm bored, so have a plumblebee
(, Sun 26 Mar, 15:49, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Fri 24 Mar, 14:13, More)
# Congrats on repealing Obamacare Mr President!
(, Sat 25 Mar, 22:34, More)
[challenge entry] Chases
TrekWars standing robot cat
(, Fri 24 Mar, 11:09, More)
(, Sat 25 Mar, 18:19, More)
[challenge entry] Colours may vary.
(, Sat 25 Mar, 17:02, More)
# How it works
(, Sat 25 Mar, 14:24, More)
[challenge entry] i'm almost sorry
(, Thu 23 Mar, 6:23, More)
[challenge entry] vroom vroom
(, Sat 25 Mar, 10:46, More)
# I tried to streamline my racing snail by taking its shell off.
I had hoped it would make it quicker, but it just made it more sluggish.
(, Sat 25 Mar, 10:53, More)
(, Fri 24 Mar, 21:29, More)
(, Fri 24 Mar, 20:29, More)
# :)
(, Thu 23 Mar, 16:08, More)
[challenge entry] Even men with steel hearts love to see...

(, Fri 24 Mar, 21:38, More)
[challenge entry] Emergency!
(, Fri 24 Mar, 9:52, More)
[challenge entry] The 70's were the best time for animal related games

(, Thu 23 Mar, 13:18, More)
[challenge entry] You should see it when he runs
(, Thu 23 Mar, 14:50, More)
[challenge entry] Raiders of the Lost Bark
(, Thu 23 Mar, 12:55, More)

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