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[challenge entry] There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men, for this treachery.
(, Fri 15 Dec, 22:04, More)
[challenge entry] Mustafa Bindun
Made this up as a Crimbo Card last year. Barely worth it's own thread due to general shit 'shoppery...but I was particularly pleased with the Death Star baubles

Click for bigger (415 kb)
(, Fri 15 Dec, 16:50, More)
# In non-Christmas news
(, Fri 15 Dec, 16:33, More)
# tis t'season
(, Fri 15 Dec, 15:03, More)
[challenge entry] And you moan at the snow, cos your bike wouldn't go
(, Thu 14 Dec, 22:32, More)
[challenge entry] Don't be like Jack...remember to play this Christmas
(, Fri 15 Dec, 9:11, More)
[challenge entry] Show someone you love them at Christmas
(, Fri 15 Dec, 9:44, More)
[challenge entry] not fake
(, Fri 15 Dec, 9:54, More)
[challenge entry] The IDF could be regarded as 'popular culture' in the West bank.
(, Fri 15 Dec, 9:44, More)
[challenge entry] "Y'all" ?
(, Thu 14 Dec, 21:18, More)
# No apologies offered.
(, Thu 14 Dec, 17:32, More)
# Wondering who our next office junior will be...
(, Thu 14 Dec, 11:38, More)
[challenge entry] That shitty Batman meme with an even shittier pun on Robin.

Click for bigger (191 kb)

Have a shitty Christmas
(, Thu 14 Dec, 14:56, More)
[challenge entry] From everyone at Greggs!
(, Thu 14 Dec, 13:17, More)
[challenge entry] Happy Christmas!
(, Thu 14 Dec, 10:27, More)
[challenge entry] Yay!
(, Thu 14 Dec, 12:48, More)
[challenge entry] silhouettes, now there's an idea...
(, Thu 14 Dec, 12:02, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Thu 14 Dec, 9:36, More)
[challenge entry] On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank your pain?
(, Thu 14 Dec, 11:27, More)
[challenge entry] Wooah
(, Thu 14 Dec, 9:20, More)

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