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# Angry gammon faced Daily Mail reader eh?
You mean the sort of people who think headswapping a political opponent is some kind of affirmitive, positive, political act?
(, Mon 16 Apr, 15:14, Reply)
# I don't think the question time audience use photoshop
(, Mon 16 Apr, 15:36, Reply)
# You know exactly what I'm saying. This place can be as shrill as the Mail these days.
(, Mon 16 Apr, 17:03, Reply)
# All the /links regulars should be banned for their own good, probably
(, Mon 16 Apr, 17:08, Reply)
# I don't think anyone posting on here thinks they're making a positive political act
it's just nonsense, shits and giggles with the occasional "ah that's nice" isn't it?
(, Mon 16 Apr, 17:17, Reply)