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Best of the Board
I haven't done a shop in ages
but for the day that's in it.

(masakatsu, Fri 24 Jun, 10:16, 4 replies)
He took no chances!

(AdrianJ, Thu 23 Jun, 23:51, 0 replies)
Don't have nightmares...

Click for bigger (440 kb)

(Dr.Dunno, Thu 23 Jun, 22:39, 2 replies)
The gods have desserted us!

Full colour/size
(Captain Howdy, Thu 23 Jun, 14:51, 10 replies)
A vote to leave is a vote for the Great Old Ones.

(Smallbrainfield, Thu 23 Jun, 12:38, 9 replies)
David and Boris go at it!

(Frogbeat, Thu 23 Jun, 11:21, 11 replies)
Edit: well, f**k. I guess I crowed too early.......

(JollyJack, Wed 22 Jun, 21:32, 2 replies)

(benito vaselini, Mon 20 Jun, 13:49, 8 replies)
Decisions, decisions...

(monkeon, Fri 17 Jun, 21:00, 5 replies)
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Pour your Brexit feelings in to this handy bucket
See all 58 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 24th Jun at 2pm
good summary of recent events

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linked to by benito vaselini on 25th Jun at 12pm
Celebrity War
We're combining two awful things to make one great one. Pit celebrities against each other, depict them as Knights on the battlefield, find some joy in the world of Celebrity War.
See all 38 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 23rd Jun at 8am
Fictional character ads
Top Cat is selling mortgages, which other fictional characters can you inappropriately use to sell things to the masses?
See all 84 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 16th Jun at 8am
Geek Rock
It's another week of rifling through record collections and messing with the covers. We're making them geeky this time, which I think means redrawing them in Ascii, recreating them in Meccano, including scifi/fantasy reference or sticking a pair of thick rimmed glasses on them.
See all 88 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 8th Jun at 5pm
Question of the Week
"They fuck you up, your mum and dad" said Philip Larkin. Did he have a point? Perhaps yours are merely horrendously embarrassing? Or are you yourself that embarrassing or terrible parent? No tedious McCannery or nonce strikethroughs please, ffs.
Read all 42 stories (open)
asked on 6th Jun at 3pm
Happy Endings
Turn that frown upside down by changing films (and books) with sad endings in to happy, crowd pleasing ones.
And we all lived happily ever after.
See all 67 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 2nd Jun at 8am
Combine Comics
Show what happens when a comic character appears in a different strip, draw a comic strip in the style of another, make characters fight each other, monkey with the Marvel/Beano/Viz universe!
See all 86 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 26th May at 8am
Skulls are cool, so we're doing skulls. Show us your skulls.
See all 50 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 19th May at 9am
Question of the Week
Screwing up at work
Someone on the security team signed off that a fake bomb had been recovered at Old Trafford when it hadn't. Cue one controlled explosion and a postponed soccer game. Tell us your tales of workplace screw ups and the consequences of your mistakes.
Read all 47 stories (closed)
asked on 17th May at 8am
What Would Jesus Do 2016
People often ponder What Would Jesus Do in a particular situation. Instead of pondering, show us!
How would the beardy one deal with modern life, just how capable is he in a jam?
It's been ten years since we last asked, he must have got up to some new stuff by now.
See all 69 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 12th May at 8am
We're on glue this week. One word challenge. Photoshop it, animate it or have a Blue Peter moment and make something with it. It's up to you.
See all 45 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 5th May at 7am
OAP Album covers
Phil Collins has updated his album covers to show his current aged, grumpy face. Lets take inspiration from the old git and make all the other album art appeal to the elderly.
See all 61 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 28th Apr at 8am
Question of the Week
The generation game
"Touch my bum, this is life", glowers Richard "Interw3bz" McBeef. I was recently asked "What colour was your hair?", which made me feel well old. Tell us about moments when you realised you were knocking on a bit. Conversely, perhaps you are a sprightly young whippersnapper who is exasperated by the older folks: do tell.
Read all 78 stories (closed)
asked on 25th Apr at 3pm